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    A Fighting Stance

    November 2018

    What else could Jeremy Pratt do?


    It was all he could do to keep his mouth shut. Well, it would be, if he could keep his mouth shut. But mouth-shutting was not a skill Jeremy Pratt ever learned. He had wanted to stay in England. But he was kidnapped by his both of his parents and taken to Canada to live in a prison in Manitoba. That's how Jeremy tells it. "Kidnapped and emigrated are synonyms, surely. It stands to reason," he says.


    Now he has one or two really good friends in Canada. But there's a gang of bullies after him. It just goes from bad to worse. First being kidnapped, then bullied. Jeremy has had enough of being pushed around. And they dare go after his friends too? It's time to push back. It's time to take A Fighting Stance.


    Young Reader (Also recommended for parents who love reading to their children).


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    A Fighting Stance book trailer

    Jeremy Pratt decides to take A Fighting Stance.

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    Mark David Stallard joins Ryan Janz every month to tell all about the Winnipeg music scene.
  • A Promise of Better Days (EP)

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    1. A Love Like Yours
    2. Don't Fly Away
    3. Its Going to Rain
    4. Thank You
    5. And Then There Was You
    6. Its Not Right

    All songs by Mark David Stallard, except Don’t Fly Away co-written with Gavin George.

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